Kim’s private sessions are customized to meet each individual’s evolving needs. Modalities may include pilates, asana, dynamic mindfulness techniques, meditation, conscious breathing exercises and movement inquiry. A private session also provides a safe space to explore any emotional shifts that arise during practice.

Private pilates & yoga, allows the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized care. This supports a deeper experience to further develop and elevate one’s practice, and fosters a path towards greater health and well-being. 

Kim’s sessions focus on various levels of private practice including:

Mat Pilates

Deep core focused exercises to build stronger and leaner muscles, improve balance and stability and access greater mobility and flexibility in the body.  A mind-body-breath practice that will leave you feeling grounded, centered and strong. This contemporary approach is appropriate for all levels, and also aids in injury prevention and recovery. 

Yoga Foundation

A beginner-friendly level for developing the seeds of yoga postures and the fundamentals of an alignment based yoga practice with an introduction to simple breath work. Students establish a solid foundation working with props at their own pace in a comfortable and safe environment.  Learn the basics of Hatha yoga with a focus on strength, stability and mobility to build the confidence to join group classes or move onto the progressive principles of alignment and breath awareness.

Yoga Progressive

Tailored for practitioners and students looking to integrate more complex postures with breath work, meditation and the study of yoga philosophy and psychology. Careful attention is paid to refining one’s awareness to inhabit the body more deeply in order to nurture a personal practice of yoga beyond the realm of asana or postures.

Yoga Restore

A restful, healing and rejuvenating private yoga session. The primary focus is to calm the nervous system and provide self-care techniques that nourish the body’s natural relaxation state in order to heal and build resiliency. 

Sessions draw upon Kim’s unique blend of nurturing modalities including restorative yoga postures, guided relaxation and soothing breathing exercises. Students receive tools to help effectively manage stress and muscle tension, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fertility, immune and digestive imbalances. Ideal for improving quality of sleep and overall emotional balance.

Yoga Medicine

A multi-disciplinary approach to stress and pain management.

Kim’s careful attention and guidance empowers clients to cultivate body awareness as a way to access the subtle body’s innate power to heal. Principles and practices include enhanced body mechanics, movement exploration, meditation and embodied somatic techniques.


Developed to meet the ongoing needs of teacher training graduates, and those individuals interested in how yoga can support personal & professional growth.  Sessions may include; living the yamas & niyamas (core principles for living), mapping your inner compass, attaining balance, self-care practices and boundary setting, the business of yoga.

Private Group Offerings

Kim provides various private group offerings to meet the unique needs of her clients including:

Corporate:  Single event or a series of classes in an office location.
Retreat:  Group, guided and themed, in the city or away from home.

*Fees will be determined based on group size, location and duration.